We are a family-owned, independent craft brewery with taproom and full-service BBQ eatery located in Monroe, Ohio. At Rivertown, we believe in brewing traditional and innovative craft beer and slow-smoking BBQ in a way that encourages connection, and conversation. We aren’t defined by one style of beer, because at our brewery, we brew a touch of everything from traditional, technically-sound, delicate lagers to spontaneously fermented and intentionally blended barrel-aged sours and every style in between. When it comes to our BBQ, we draw inspiration from many different styles, including St. Louis, Texas, the Carolinas, but most importantly, our juicy, slow-smoked BBQ is inspired by our Team’s creativity and you.

Rivers have always been the heart of community, innovation and activity; come enjoy our interpretation of a Rivertown, where tradition, innovation and flavor is blended with community, caring and tenacity to create a noteworthy and memorable experience.


Where we Came From

Our Founder and Fearless Leader, Jason Roeper, has always had a passion for fermentation. Growing up, he was amazed by his uncle who would spend his weekends brewing and sharing his handcrafted libations at family gatherings. The day Jason turned 21, he went to his uncle’s house and brewed his first batch of beer.

In search of unbiased feedback, Jason began sending his beers to a variety of national, regional and local homebrew competitions where he became very highly awarded. Despite all his medals, he continued to focus on dialing in even the smallest of details and while doing this, he uncovered his passion for yeasts and bacteria of the wild variety.

In 2007, Jason submitted his unblended, spontaneously soured, elderberry lambic, “Straight Up”, to the Sam Adams Longshot Competition and was named a finalist. Shortly after that inspiring experience, Jason put his vision onto paper and began pounding the pavement with fearless determination. In 2009, Jason’s dream of sharing his passion with a larger audience was realized and Rivertown Brewing Company was born into a 2,000 square foot space in Lockland, Ohio.

In 2017, the next chapter of Rivertown Brewery and Barrel House begun when we welcomed our first guests into our custom-crafted, 26,000 square foot space in Monroe. This space features a state of the art JVNW 50 barrel brewhouse, slow-smoked BBQ eatery and free play vintage arcade, allowing us to nourish and entertain our guests in a way never before possible.


Where we are Today

Rivertown has grown to be a community that blends the craft of brewing, meat-smoking and having fun into a space that is made for people of all ages to enjoy. We love being traditional, innovative and welcoming in all we do. There is nothing we love more than sharing our craft with you, so please come visit us in Monroe or seek us out in the wild at your favorite watering holes and shops in the Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus and Toledo areas (if we’re not already at your favorite haunts, please let us know at orders@rivertownbrewery.com).