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Session India Pale Ale

– A delicious India Pale Ale, with a crisp body and bright hop flavor and aroma. This beer is our perfect end to a hard day’s work! Brewed with American 2-row Barley, Citra, Galaxy, Columbus, and Cascade hops, Best served at 48ºF in a Shaker pint glass. 4.5% ABV, 2.9 SRM, 55 IBU’s *Available in Draft, 6-packs, and 4-pack 16oz cans.

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– Our Helles lager is a true symbol of our German heritage. A rich, crisp, full flavored Bavarian style lager brewed with the finest imported German barley, noble hops, and natural water. Best served at 38ºF in a tall pilsner glass. 5.3% ABV, 3 SRM, 18 IBU’sDSC_40802



Munich Style Dark Lager

– Our Dunkel Beer is a Munich style dark lager. It has a surprisingly light body with mild roasted flavor and caramel undertones. We use the freshest imported and domestic barley, noble hops, and natural water. Best served at 38ºF in a tall beer mug or stein. 5.8% ABV, 24 IBU’s, 15 SRM



Rye Pale Ale

– An American rye pale ale named after the famous B-24 Liberator Bomber. This beer has a wonderful malt backbone from the use of dark British crystal malt and spicy fresh rye malt. It is dry hopped with two varieties of American hops for a crisp refreshing flavor. Best served at 50f. 5.5% ABV, 49 IBU’s, 9 SRM *Now available in 16oz 4pack cans!


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Vanilla Espresso Imperial Robust Porter, Malt Beverage with Natural Flavors Added

– Like a big, chocolate, espresso infused brownie, Roebling Porter packs a lot of flavor from the use of vanilla, and delicious coffee from a small Midwest roasting company (within a day’s drive from the brewery!). 7.8% ABV A, 35 IBU, 31 SRM. Available in 6 packs, draft, and nitrogen draft.DSC_40852




Malt Beverage With Artificial Flavors Added

– Available in 6 packs and draft, this light, crisp, clean lager beer is brewed for fresh blueberry aroma and flavor. A local favorite! 5.3% ABVDSC_40792





Traditional Bock Lager

– (Released in February) This traditional bock is a big full bodied beer, with lots of caramel malt flavor and spicy hop notes. Our bock beer is a great way to welcome the coming of Spring. Best served at 48ºf in a brandy glass. 7.2% ABVDSC_40892


Malt Beverage Brewed with Spices

– (Released in March) With its complex herbal aroma, golden cloudy color, orange-citrusy fruitiness, and spicy flavor, our Belgian style wit beer is sure to satisfy. Contains wheat malt, spicy hops, orange peels, fresh coriander, and lemon zest. best served at 42ºf in a tall pilsner glass with a slice of orange. 5.1% ABV, 4 SRM, 15 IBU




Belgian Style Blonde Ale

– (Released in May) Our Belgian blond ale is slightly fruity in the nose, mildly spicy in flavor. Jenneke is nicely dry creating a wonderfully balanced finish! 6.1% ABV, 6 SRM, 23 IBUDSC_40902



– (Released in July) Our Octoberfest marzen lager is a rich, ruby colored lager fest beer that is extremely smooth and mellow. We use only the finest Munich malts, and spicy german hops to give our Octoberfest its wonderful aromas and full bodied flavor. best served at 42ºf in a beer stein. 6.7% ABV




Ale Brewed with Pumpkin, Molasses, and Cinnamon, with Spices Added

– (Released in August) Our pumpkin ale is a spice infused ale, using dark sugars, real pumpkin, and fresh ground spices. This is how we do pumpkin pie. best served at 55ºf in a wide pub glass. 5% ABV




Ale Brewed with Molasses and Cinnamon

– (Released in November) Winter spiced ale is our winter seasonal offering. With its thick body, creamy head, ruby hue, and big bold flavors with hints of caramel, toffee, and cinnamon, it is sure to keep you warm through the cold winter nights. best served at 45ºf in a snifter glass. 8.2% ABV




Double Down India Pale Ale

– Watch out for the Hop Baron, brewed for over two hours with over four varieties of American hops and an IBU rating of 103! Hop Baron is an imperial IPA that is so smooth, you won’t even know that you are drinking an 8.5% abv beer. Available in 4 packs, and draft October-March.DSC_40842


American Hefeweizen Ale

– A mysterious, hard to define twist on an old classic. An unfiltered wheat ale brewed with Canadian pale malt, winter white wheat, and fresh Pacific northwest hops. Clover honey on the nose, and light pine hop flavor on the tongue, a very refreshing brew! Best served in a shaker pint glass at 48F. 5.5% ABV, 4 SRM, 16 IBU’s. Available in draft and 6-packs April-September


Old Sour Cherry Porter
OLD SOUR CHERRY PORTERMalt beverage Aged in Bourbon Barrels with Cherries- Available in 22 ounce bottles only and released in early spring. Imperial porter aged in bourbon barrels with dark Michigan cherries and lactobacillus delbrueckii (a Belgian souring bacteria). 9% ABV, 38 SRM, 31 IBU
LAMBICMalt Beverage Aged in Oak Wine Barrels- Available in 750ml bottle only and released once yearly in May. A spontaneously fermented beer aged in port oak wine barrels for over 1 year. Wild, sour, tart, vinous, dry. 6.3% ABV, 4 SRM, 7 IBU
Ojos Negros
OJOS NEGROSMalt Beverage Aged in Oak Wine Barrels with Blackberries Added- Available in 750ml bottle only, released once yearly in July. A wild fermented brew aged in oak wine barrels with over 140 pounds of whole blackberries for one year. 6.3% ABV, 8 SRM, 6 IBU
Ville De Rivere Geuze
VILLE DE RIVERE GEUZEMalt Beverage Aged in Oak Wine Barrels- Available in 750ml bottle only, released once yearly in December. A blend of our 8 month old and 3 year old lambic beers. A prized possession – dry, spritzy, sweet and sour, vinous and earthy. 6.4% ABV, 5 SRM, 5 IBU




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