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I want to start off by saying this is a very special post, because it’s about a long time career goal of mine.

Yellow Fizz.  We’ve all drank about it, heard about it, in one way or another.  Most times it gets a bad rap, due mostly to over commercialization and cheapening of the product, with no regard for what that does to its flavor.  Honestly, a large portion of the craft beer movement has been a rebellion against the “fizzy yellow stuff”.  Brewers took their passion for good beer, and started brewing beer with flavor so that they could see their community drink to enjoy the flavor.

We’re no different here at Rivertown.  We want you to drink beer because you enjoy it.  We want you to drink beer because you take pride in your local community.  We want you to always be happy to choose one of our beers over one made by people you don’t know.  We’ve been doing a great job with it, and you have all been incredibly supportive.  But, we’ve been remiss.  We were leaving a large part of our community in the cold.  And thanks to one local business, we were given the chance to remedy that.

Several weeks ago, Chris Goodin at Arthur’s Cafe came to us with an interesting question.  In response to hearing from people who wanted a commercial American Lager from one of the big three, when all Arthur’s offers on draft is local beer, he asked if we thought we could make an American Lager, using all malt and good hops, so that he could accommodate his local community.  Knowing this was a long time goal of mine, Jason and Randy asked me if I thought I could do it.  I said yes, and got to work.

If any of you are following our blog posts, you know what we’re all about here.  We try not to think of what we do as craft beer.  It carries an air about it, and that’s not what we’re after.  Here, at the Rivertown Brewing Company, the most important thing to do is to make good, flavorful beer, for our community.  The wonderful thing about this project was that it let us bring it home in a big way.  We now had the opportunity to make a good, flavorful beer for everyone who just wanted something simple.  There was a large part of our community that was being left out of the Rivertown and local beer experience, because of what they found to be refreshing.  Nobody should be left out of something as amazing as the local beer scene, just because they like their beer to be lite, cold, and crisp instead of rich, dank, and aggressive.  It flies in the face of what local beer should be about, and do not let anyone tell you otherwise.  We brew for you, and the more of you enjoy our stuff, the more we all win.

So, as of this past Saturday, if you walk in to Arthur’s Cafe, you will find a new offering.  As a nod to all the patrons who kept asking for something lite, Chris has named the beer “Qwisherbichen Lager”.  I could not be more proud of this beer.  We used nothing but barley, no adjuncts whatsoever.  The hops are imported from Germany, giving it that nice authentic flavor.  The color is a nice pale yellow, and yes, it is a little fizzy.  Make no mistake, this beer is not a “cheap” beer, and it’s not a joke.  This is an authentic recreation of what the yellow fizzy beers originally were.  Personally, it’s one of the beers I’ve always wanted to make, and I am incredibly grateful both to Chris, and to Jason and Randy, for giving me the opportunity.

So next time you’re looking to grab a beer, and someone says they don’t like “the heavy stuff”, take them over for a pint of Qwisherbichen.  If you see any of us there, we’ll gladly toast you with a glass of the local yellow fizzy stuff.


-Tom Hull, General Manager

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