Coming Soon! Fat Happy Monk!

Fat Happy Monk

Introducing the 2013 Rivertown Brewmaster’s Reserve Series
“B.A.B.S.” (Big Ass Beers Series) Vol. 2 – Fat Happy Monk

The second volume in the series takes us into middle Europe where the Monestary Monks still reign supreme with their wonderfully delicious malty concoctions. Fat Happy Monk, a Belgian Dark golden Strong Ale, is a high gravity brew made with copious amounts of beet sugar, Belgian aromatic, pale, pilsner and Belgian Special B Malt. The big ass beer has a spicy, effervescent nose and is packed full of flavor. It is naturally unfiltered and should be served in a Belgian goblet at 55 degrees F with frites and Belgian waffles. Raise your glass with us and cheer in the Big Ass Beers!

ABV: 11.9%
IBU: 26.7%
SRM: 18.3 (color)
YEAST: Trappist Ale
S. GRAVITY: 1.098 23.3 PLATO
HOPS: Perle
Available: April 20, 2013 (1/6 barrel only)
F. GRAVITY: 1.008 2.1 PLATO

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