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We hope everyone enjoyed Cinci Beer Week, because we sure enjoyed getting to meet all of you over the last seven days!  It was great seeing all the loyal beer drinkers who help make local breweries such a growing part of our town.  We’ve spent the last week all over town, tasting beers with all of you and answering any questions you have.  Today, it’s one of those questions that’s inspired our latest blog post.

One of the most common questions we heard was “How are local breweries making such a huge impact and finding there way into all the local bars?”  It’s a great question, and one that really gets at the heart of being a small brewery, which is being involved in your community.  When all is said and done, we brew beer to give our community a local beer they can enjoy.  We want you to find it everywhere, from well known craft locations, to the neighborhood bar you stop at on the way home, to your local grocer.  We want you to know that when you enjoy our beer, you supported a local small business.  And, the more local business thrives, the more the community thrives as well.

So, how does that end up happening?  A lot of it is just dedication to the belief that we’re making more flavorful beer, and that people will enjoy it.  A lot of it is the hard work of going around town and actually selling the beer.  Make no mistake, we go to great lengths to connect with our community, and let them know we’re here.  It might be as big as Jason driving around from account to account all day, or even as simple as Randy making sure he goes somewhere new for lunch so that he can chat about the beer with the staff, but we are always working hard to let people know that there is flavorful local beer available.

The biggest part of making local beer huge, however, is all of you.  We can sell all day, but in the end it does no good without your support.  Bars will always sell what people want to buy, and every time one of you says “I want to buy local, and I want to buy it here.” it does more than any salesman could.  When you say that, you send a message that the beer is going to sell.  They’ve seen you, they know you, and now they know what you want.  Without that kind of support, none of this would be possible.

So, the next time you go out to dinner, or stop for a brew on the way home from a long day, remember that you decide what you drink, not anybody else.  Sit down, ask what local beer is available.  If there isn’t any, ask “Why not?”  If they don’t have your favorite, tell them how much happier you’d be if they did.  If we all take the two minutes to do this, then local beer won’t have any limit to how much we can grow, and our community will be more interesting and vibrant for it.

Cheers, folks, we can’t wait to see all of you tonight at Cincinnati Winter Beer Fest!


Tom Hull, GM

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