Who we Are

From our processes to our people, we embrace a tenacious culture of purpose and excellence which results in a consistent, remarkable liquid crafted with hard work, passion and care.  We are proud to have a wealth of partners (teammates, consumers, retailers and wholesalers) who choose to come together daily and help build Rivertown into the community and business that it is today and will continue to shape what Rivertown will be tomorrow.

Where we Came From

Our founder and fearless leader, Jason Roeper, has always had a passion for fermentation.  Growing up, he found himself amazed by his Uncle, who would spend his weekends brewing and then bring his handcrafted libations to family gatherings.  The day Jason turned 21, he went to his Uncle’s house and brewed his first batch of beer.  Jason swears it was terrible, but continued to persevere, experiment and hone in his craft.

In search of honest feedback, Jason began sending his beers to a variety of National and Local Homebrew competitions and to his surprise, became very highly awarded.  Despite all his medals, he continued to spend time dialing in even the smallest of details and while doing this, uncovered a passion for yeasts and bacteria of the wild variety.

In 2007, Jason decided to submit a beer to the Sam Adams Longshot Competition and became a finalist with his unblended Lambic, called “Straight Up”.  Shortly after that experience, Jason put his vision onto paper and began pounding the pavement.  He never accepted no for an answer, despite how many times he initially heard it.  Finally, Jason’s dream to share his passion with a larger audience was finally realized. In 2009, Rivertown Brewing Company was born and to this day, we continue to embrace that determined spirit in everything we do.

Where we are Today

Rivertown is part brewery, lab exBEERiment, gathering place, smokehouse and arcade, with research, innovation, quality and customer exBEERience at the top of our priorities. We enjoy perfecting the science behind calculated fermentations and love getting our funk on with fermentations of the spontaneous and wild kind as well.  We especially love the opportunity to provide our customers, wholesalers and retailers with an exceptional exBEERience at every sip.

We work diligently to handcraft a tenacious culture (people, yeast and bacteria) one beer at a time and enjoy the challenge of brewing consistently extraordinary beer that is both noteworthy and timeless. We encourage you to take a sip on the wild side with us, and if you’re looking for something un-tart to start, we can quench that thirst as well with a variety of our traditionally fermented libations.

You can currently find us in Ohio, Kentucky, Florida, Indiana, Tennessee, Massachusetts, Georgia and the US Virgin Islands. Ask for our well-crafted beers at your local store, or come visit our Barrel House for a sip of something different.

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